Things you need to consider when purchasing a Japanese sword

Price would be the thing you care about when you consider purchasing a Japanese sword.

I understand that people think “I would like to buy a sword as cheap as possible!


However, let me tell you one thing.

Is it really better to buy a cheap sword?



For example, you can find 200 USD or 300 USD swords on the internet.

Those are “imitation of Japanese sword” which are probably mass-produced swords

made in China or else.


Those are totally different from Japanese sword since those have neither functional

features of Japanese sword, such as “not breaking, not bending and cut well”,

nor beauty, such as Hamon. 


As you know, there is a proverb of “Penny wise and pound foolish”?

Is it really worth to spend your precious money for such imitations?


Based on my sense of value, I would rather purchase real things with more money

than spending even few money on imitations.



It’s absolutely absurd to purchase such “imitation”, however, there are some people

who would like to purchase the cheapest real sword.

I can understand that. If you don’t have enough money, then you can’t get it.


However, do you think the cheaper it is, the better shopping it can be?



There are reasons why real swords are expensive.

For example, made by a famous swordsmith with a written statement of an expert

and less damage on the sword, etc.

In short, it is simply a great sword.

A sword can be a lifetime treasure since it won’t go away unless you sell it and it won’t

be broken.

In that sense, I would say it is similar to jewelry.



Will you be able to take care of a cheap jewelry for entire life?

I think if you spend a certain level of money to purchase better one, you will take care of

it for long time and also you will be satisfied when you purchase it.


In my case, I always purchase a sword which cost at least more than 10,000 USD,

and keep it as an heirloom.

I can get more satisfaction than purchasing a cheap sword.

More importantly, if I purchase a real one, I would never regret it.

Thus, I say that it is smart shopping to purchase a certain level of sword even

though it’s costly.



When you purchase a sword, please keep above in your mind and avoid shopping

you may regret.

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