I went to Seki city in Japan

I saw sword forging at Seki city in Japan.

Lately, I went to Seki city of Gihu prefecture.

By the way, do you know what is Seki city?


From the end of Kamakura era to the beginning of Muromachi era, masters of Seki

forge “motoshige” and “kanashige” came to Seki.

Afterwards, many sword forges came to live in Seki city, and Seki became a huge

manufacturer of swords.

seki exhibition


Nowadays, Seki is the only town where the tradition of sword forging continues.

There are individual sword forges in the whole country, but an organization of

sword forge is only in Seki.

Sword forging of Seki is succeeded for 750 years by sword forges such as “Seki no Sonroku”.


I first saw  “Seki forging traditional house” at Seki city.

In Seki forging traditional house, there were exhibitions about the history of sword

and how to manufacture.

I carefully watched the exhibitions, and knew more about swords.

seki katana


Furthermore, there were exhibitions of Japanese swords. There were masterpieces

of forges still alive.

I was moved because the traditional way of forging is succeeded until now.



Afterwards, there were demonstrations of “forging” and “continuous forging” in a traditional way.

“Forging“ is to heat tamahagane to a high temperature and tap to remove impurity

and strengthen iron.

And “continuous forging” is to fold, tap to stretch and fold again heated tamahagane continuously.

By doing so, the sword will become stronger and it stretches and won’t broke.

I was excited to feel the heat of sword and forge.

There are a few places to see sword forging, and it is rare.

If you come to Japan, I advise you to visit Seki city once.


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