How to buy reasonably selling Japanese Sword

As you are reading this blog, you should be more or less interested in Japanese swords.

“I watched a film of samurai, and now I want a Japanese sword.”

“I am doing iaido, and I need a real sword to become better.”

“I like Japanese  history, and am interested in Japanese sword too.”


There are various opportunity to love Japanese sword.


There are several ways to buy Japanese swords. Japanese swords are not cheap,

so you should like to buy a good one at a good price safe and for sure, don’t you?


Then, how can we buy a good sword for sure and at the best price?



To buy Japanese sword, there are mainly two ways:

1, Buy at store

2, Buy on the internet


I will explain about those two methods.


Buy at store

In this way, you can buy at ease because you can actually see the sword and

check the condition before buying.

I you have a question, you can ask the clerk who is a professional of swords on the point,

so you won’t have any questions before buying.

Also, those who have a shop are professionals of swords, so they won’t sell at an illegal price.

As you can see, it is a good way to buy at a shop.


Although, there are disadvantages.

Most shops of Japanese swords are in Japan, so you should go to Japan.

You have to take paid leave and reserve airplane and hotels. This should be tuff.

And even if the clerk knows well about swords, he/she may not be able to speak English.

Then, you may not have enough explanation.



Buy on the Internet

Then, how about buying on the Internet?

The advantage is its simplicity.

You don’t need to take time to go to Japan. You can buy at one click at home to buy goods in Japan far away.

If the website is written in English, you can read explanations in detail.

If you have a question, you can ask easily in email.


The disadvantage is that you may encounter fraud. You may not have the sword after paying.

And on the Internet, you cannot see the condition of the sword.


Then, how should you do not to encounter this kind of troubles and buy safely on the Internet?



Tips to buy good swords safely and certainly on the Internet


Do not buy on auction, buy at fixed price

First, do not buy goods on auction.

In auction, buyers can buy at a low price, and sellers may not have the price they wanted.

If so, will sellers sell good swords in auction?

Valuable goods do not tend to be sold in auction.


Therefore, you should buy swords at fixed price.



Buy from people running real shop

Check if the seller on Internet shop runs a real shop. Those who run real shop are professionals of swords.

They won’t probably sell bad swords at illegal price.



Buy at shops run by Japanese

If you look on the Internet, you will find Chinese selling Japanese swords, at an incredible price

such as 100 dollars or 200 dollars.

Of course, real Japanese swords are made in Japan. If you want to buy good Japanese sword,

you should buy at Japanese shop.



Buy at shop which has many pictures

This is required, too. There are shopping websites with only few pictures of swords.

With this kind of shops, you cannot know the condition of the sword, and you may feel “it is not what I thought”.

It is important to buy at website which has plenty of pictures.


So, does website which fills these conditions exist?

I made a research, and this website should be nice.


This is a website run by Japanese. They have real shop, so you can trust on this website.

There are plenty of items, so you can find your one.

Japanese sword gallery


I hope you may encounter your best sword!

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