Features of Japanese sword

What’s the features of Japanese sword?

We will show you some example that Japanese sword has many unique features that are

very different from the other countries swords since Japanese one has been improving

in the long history. 


1, good sharpness

It is the most unique thing of Japanese sword that “very sharp”. Check out this video.


In this video, they are comparing which sword is sharper between Japanese one and

western one, then it shows that Japanese one is definitely sharper.

Instead the western swords are focused on crushing enemies, Japanese swords

have been innovated to focus on cutting enemies.


2, no break, no bend but sharp

 The sharpness is not only the feature. To symbolize Japanese sword, there is saying

“no beak, no bend but sharp”.

Why does Japanese sword have this kind of feature?

Here is the reason that Japanese swords look like made by one stick of iron, but the fact

is that it has iron with high rate of carbon inside of another kind of iron with low rate

of carbon.

katana structure


They could make sharp and strong swords with this skill. 


3, bay sword

Almost all Japanese sword is called “wantou (bay sword)” 

katana is wanto


It used to be popular to make straight sword around 5th century when Japanese started to

make swords, then bay swords were getting popular to make from the middle of Heian era (A.D.800).

It is because that bay swords are sharper plus absorb impact when they cut. 


4, beautiful pattern 

Japanese sword face has beautiful pattern. Any other sword doesn’t have this feature.

There are variety patterns like perfectly straight line(suguha), chain of small circles (Gunome),

many skinny lines go towards to the edge of sword (Tyouji) and so on.

All pattern is incredibly beautiful.   


  • Suguha



  • Gunome



  • Tyouji



Hope we could introduce you that how japanese swords are amazing. 

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