The Difference between Real Sword, Model Sword and Iaito

Japanese sword is classified into 3 groups by whether it may cut or by their way of use.


  • Real Sword(Shinken)

Real sword has an edge and can cut for real.

If the sword has an edge, a sword, a wakizashi or a tanto are all real swords.

In Japanese, “shinken (real sword)” means doing the job seriously.

You may see how Japanese sword takes root in Japanese culture.



  • Model Sword(Mozoto)

Model means it does not have an edge like real sword, and it cannot cut things.

It cannot cut things, but its appearance does not differ a lot from real sword, and it is cheap,

so many people buy it for decoration.

Therefore it is safer than real sword, but if you pick something violently, of course

it may make a hole, so be careful.



  • Iaito

Alike model sword, iaito cannot cut things.

Then, what is the difference between model sword?

Model sword is not made tough because it is for decoration. So if you shake it,

the blade may drop off.

But iaito is a sword to use at a martial art “iaido”, so it is made strong.

Even if you shake it, the blade will not drop off.


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