Fake Japanese swords are sold everywhere

As I wrote in the article “Process of making katana”, a plenty of effort is needed to

create one Japanese sword.

More than 10 specialized craftsman take about 1 month to create one sword.

And this is all hand made.


It is clear that it cannot be bought at 100 dollars or 200 dollars, only considering personnel cost.


Although, when you look on the Internet, there are many swords sold at 200 dollars or so.

As reputation among foreigners says, many people seem to think that Japanese sword can be bought at 200 dollars or so.


What does this mean?



Most of these cheap swords are mass produced in China’s factory.

In China, personal cost is cheap and the factory produces hundreds of swords in a day,

so they can make cheap swords.


There is a video of how swords are made in Chinese factory, so let’s check out.


How did you feel?

They seem to be created completely differently than those which are made by Japanese specialists.

Also, there are no proccess like “Tanren” or “Orikaeshi tanren”, and they are only pressing

into Japanese swords’ form with machine.


Furthermore, real Japanese swords have procedure called “tsukurikomi”, and hard iron covers soft iron. This is why Japanese swords have characteristic that “do not broke, do not bind, cuts well”.

Although, of course Chinese fake swords do not have this kind of procedure.


“Togi(Sharpening)” are simply done at machine.


You should have understood that swords made in Chinese factory are completely different

from real Japanese swords, even the appearance looks alike.


Which one will you choose, to buy fake swords for economical reason or to pay well

to get your only-one real sword in the world?


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